Visual Instructions

The Problem

I used to knit a lot, but sometimes I would take breaks a few months at a time and when I would go to knit again, I realized I had completely forgotten how. I would have to spend time watching YouTube videos when I could’ve just been working on a project. So, I came up with the idea to create visual instructions for myself on how to knit. That way, whenever I forgot I wouldn’t have to waste time watching videos, I could just look over the illustrated steps and be able to pick it back up.

The Project

School Project; Illustrated Instructions



Tools Used




The Solution

Each section of steps has a small heading telling the viewer what it is describing and each box can be read normally from left to right, similar to a book. The colors are not too harsh to look at and each color means something. The dark purple is the working yarn or the yarn that is actively in use, while the purple arrows are telling you what motions you need to create to complete each step. Creating this has not only given me more practice in creating vector ilustrations and visual instructions, but it has also given me a way to never forget how to knit again.